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Free Meet & Greet: Time for your pet to become familiar and comfortable with me,and for me to learn about your pets health,routine,personality and traits. We will discuss any necessary information such as aggressive tendencies,special needs,medications,and any other specific information your pet may require. We will complete your contract this time,so future visits can be devoted to your pet. Please be prepared at this time to have a spare key available for entry to your home,before services begin. If traveling I do not accept garage door openers or codes. If you are traveling,a Meet & Greet "MUST" be done atleast 24 hours prior to my services beginning. I'm just a phone call or email away from making a new friend for your pet.

                                             (Key must be avalible at Meet & Greet for no Fee)

Please Call or Email Any time for Service Charges

Daily Dog Walking: There are enough headaches in our dayto worry about our canine loved one sitting at home with his paws crossed or chewing your couch from boredom and lack of exercise. They will get fresh air,play time,affection,and a smiling face :) 

Every dog is different and requires his and hers own special attention and Some have more needs than others, Price will be determined during Meet & Greet. 

20-30 minute visit includes: Walk,Fresh Water,Feeding (if needed),Treats,LOVE
   Visits start at $18.00 and up

Puppy visits will be upon consultation: All puppies require extra time and cannot be rushed during their visit. 

*All visits are customized to your pets needs
* Each additional Dog that can be "walked together" $5.00 and up
                                     Yard exercise additional $2.00

Dog Walking Spaces are LIMITED Call in advance if possible 

Pet Sitting Service: Business can take us away alot these days,or sometimes we just need to sit back and relax on vacation. We definitely don't want to worry about our beloved pets at home,inconveniencing a friend or worrying about the unfamiliar,cold surroundings of a kennel.

        SAFE,HEALTHY,AND HAPPY, there's No place like HOME!

30 minute visit in the morning: Walk,Fresh Water,Feed,Treats,LOVE

30 minute mid day visit: Walk,Fresh Water,Treats,LOVE

30-45 minute visit: Walk,Fresh Water,Feed,Treats,LOVE

Visits start at $20.00 and up all prices will be determined during Meet & Greet

Please feel free to add on any services you may need done in your home while you are away. Please keep in mind depending on what you add there may be a minimal charge for special requests. All must be mentioned during Meet & Greet.

*All visits are customized to your pets needs

Call with Advanced Notice for Pet Sitting Services

Cat Sitting: Furry and cuddlylittle felines cannot be forgotten or just checked in on every other day. Unfortunately,sickness or illnesscan happen in the blink of an eye. Litter boxes need to be emptied for cleanlinessand health related issues. And cats MUST have fresh water at all times.

-1 or 2 visits per day by your request
 20 minute visit including: Play time,Fresh Water,Feed,Cleaning of Litter,etc.
Visits start at $18.00

Clients Needs: Sometimes we just don't have the time ourselves to tend to everything everyday life calls for....pets,kids,shopping,dry cleaning, prescriptions, paperwork, light housework. Any extra errands you may need just give me a call I'm always here to help . 
Price upon work and consult

EMERGENCY INFO: Please have cell#, Email or Contact information available
in case your pet gets sick or there is an emergency situation.I will transport your pet to the vet of your choice (if possible) and follow all instructions.

           All pets and families are different and require different needs
                       SENIOR DISCOUNTS DO APPLY

                           INSURED & BONDED
                           References upon request


Dog Walking Professional  & Personal Assistant