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                  SMART BARK POLICIES

Free Meet & Greet- Time for your pet to become familiar and comfortable with me, and for me to learn about your pets health, routine, personality and traits. 
At this time if you are going to be using Smart Barks ALL specific information about your Pet, our policies and procedures will be addressed. Please be prepared to have a spare key available for entry before services begin.

Licenses & Innoculations- Please have all your shots,and licenses CURRENT. Dog tags must be worn at all times. 

Entry To Home By Others- If the client allows another party to enter or have access to their home while under contract with Smart Barks, we can not be held liable for any damages to property or pet's as a result. Please have all that information available during contract signing.

Limited Supplies- Smart Barks always asks that you try to have enough cleaning supplies,towels,paper towels,trash bags,extra crate bedding if necessary. Also,having an adequate supply of food or litter. If by accident you do forget Smart Barks will purchase what is needed for the care of your pet. Upon your return customer will be given receipt and will be  responsible for reimbursement.

Liability- Smart Barks will not be held responsible for any destructive damages caused by pets or stains from accidents. We always follow the clients instructions for your pets welfare, and will go above and beyond for cleaning up accidents in your home. 

Leashed Walks- Dogs Must be walked on Leash 

Emergency Vet Care- Please have the name and number of your Vet at the time of signing. 

Not on contract- Smart Barks will  NOT BE LIABLE  for any extra work, ANIMALS  or home care that you have left that was not discussed  at the time of Meet and Greet and contract signing. We will be happy to do are best to provide the services you require but you will be responsible for payment of extra care, visits upon return home. 

Our Payment Policy- At the time of Booking Smart Barks and signing the contract :
Dog Walking Payment is to be done weekly,left where discussed during Meet & Greet
Pet Sitting Payment is to be full upfront at time of contract signing and key transfer.
*Smart Barks DOES NOT CHARGE to return for a contract signing after a Meet & Greet  if you decide that you want to use our services.We also DO NOT CHARGE to return your key  safely upon your arrival home.

CANCELLATION POLICY- Please understand that Smart Barks turned away other business for the welfare of your Pet and appointment. We  do not charge for cancellations given a 5 days notice. If less than 5 days cancellation fees are as follows:

5 days- NO CHARGE 
3-4 days prior to start- 50% 
1-2 days prior to start- 50%
Day of or During sitting-100% 

* Smart Barks does understand that unfortunate situations do arise

$35.00 charge for all returned checks

Weather Conditions- For the safety of your pet's during bad weather such as pooring rain,snow/icy conditions,extreme heat their walk will be made only for elimination. The rest of the time will be spent playing inside where it is safe.

Welcome Home- Upon your return home, we request that you please call no matter the time so we know you have arrived home safely and are with your beloved Pet's. It also lets us know if you have run into any delays and needs Smart Barks for a little longer. Again, you will return home finding your Pet's missing you but happy! 

** Special Holiday Rates Due Apply  

- Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 
- Thanksgiving
- Easter
- New Years Eve & New Years Day 
- Memorial Day
- Labor Day
- July 4th

All Policies are subject to change without notice

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