Welcome to my world! My name is Tyler and I'm the Owner and operator of Smart Barks. Let me give you some background on myself and share some of my first "clients" with you, my "family." As you can see, right now I have two German Shepards, a Pit mix and a Pappi-Poo. 

I was raised with one of the largest of the breeds, Great Danes, as well as Dobermans, and, an Australian Cattle Dog. My parents were breeders when I was younger so I always remember the long legs, and tall backs, thinking they were ponies, which I guess eventually, lead to my love for horses. My family owned horses for many years, and I experienced the world of training and competition, plus, I gave horseback riding lessons to disabled children. Maybe between being surrounded by so many special people and animals throughout my life, that is where I learned my patience, communication skills and insight into my animal's needs.

I am in the process of furthering my education, with  Training Clinics and Seminars, for obedience, nutrition, and FirstAid. I also do agility, which is a great sport for both Handler and dog alike, as they are not only getting great exercise, but learning how to use their brains.

I am a firm believer in rescuing or at least trying to do what one can in their community, to help prevent, so many unwanted animals.  Spaying or Neutering is a MUST! I do all that I can to help educate against "puppy mills," and the horrific world of dog fighting.  My latest puppy, Brody, is a Pit mix and was rescued from a kill shelter, in Tennessee. He is smart, sweet and loving, and is the shinning star in my life, and brings happiness to me everyday.  Remember, there are so many more animals out there that can do the same for someone else.

Nutrition and exercise are a big part of canine problems. Having encountered many issues myself, such as allergies or behavioral problems, this is why I thought that this would be a great way to help people that just don't have the time or expertise, for fully handling a pet, which can be as simple as a brisk walk, especially for  breeds that are more high strung, or "special needs" dogs,and puppies.

I love animals and animals always seem to love and gravitate towards me. I have patience and a Calm, Assertive Energy. I started this business because, I believe it is one of the best ways to help people and their pets, in their time of need, without which, may lead to many disorders and anxieties, one of the foremost reasons, many pets wind up in shelters.

I hope that I have given you a better understanding of "who" I am, my beliefs and the passion that I have for animals and for helping YOU, help them!. I look forward to hearing from you for our Meet & Greet Session.


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