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.Welcome to Smart  Barks your full service animal care provider. My name is Tyler and I have been around animals all my life. In these times of rushing from here to there, trying to maintain a hectic schedule, whether it be the job, the kids, or whatever, sometimes we just don't have the time or the skills to tend to our beloved pets. 

That's where "SMART BARKS" is there for your every need, and as well as your pet's . We have to remember in these hard times, longer hours for us means longer hours of, waiting, for our pets. Long hours of separation can lead to many disorders such as separation anxiety, accidents, or destructive behavior stemming from boredom and the lack of exercise, etc. 

Kennels are not always a practical choice, on an everyday basis, whether we don't want to disrupt our pets routines, deal with the necessary transportation issues, or, the cost factor, that is a concern for everyone.  Long periods of separation, can cause puppies to relapse from their potty training,and can be a big concern for senior dogs, which can cause stress, and/or aggravate problems such as arthritis, or other issues. 

So if its just while you are at work or on the "go," to put your mind at ease, as well as your pet's welfare, and know that your pet is taken care of and safe, that they wake up with a smile and are tucked in with a kiss, that they are always happy, healthy, and looked after, just as YOU would!. I handle all breeds and special needs animals.I am Fully Insured, Bonded  and  certified in First Aid/ CPR , for any emergency situations, that may arise, with your pet.

*East Windsor (Twin Rivers) Millstone,Monroe,
Manalapan,Freehold (Servicing Monmouth, Mercer,and Middlesex depending on distance)
R.I.P. Bear  June 23,2010
R.I.P. Emma April 27,2011
All Prices and services are located on the website any further questions PLEASE reach out. Email is always the quickest response, leave a detailed email with the following :
-service needed
-how many pets
-start date

If an emergency feel free to call we will get back to you as soon as possible, in your voice mail please leave the same information. THANK YOU